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Thursday July 09, 2020

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Future Soldiers And Future Cops

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No war is fought without a strong mind and its sync with the machines carried out by the soldiers: be it any war or encounter being conducted by any soldier or policeman in the current scenario. This means that if a soldier/policeman has to be alert and his performance has to be gauged, it is only possible if he has been trained well to use his inculcated skills and handle the extant situation.


The world over, the execution of war and the maintenance of internal security and, law and order have changed with the retrogression of threats to hybrid mutations. Even as the first responders need to be equipped with the latest gadgets, arms and munitions it is equally imperative that these sinews of State authority are adequately trained to handle the equipment with optimal efficiency. Given that the hybrid mutants of today and tomorrow are terrorists motivated to destroy themselves in their misbegotten beliefs, security forces of every echelon have to be trained to deal with suicide bombers used as the vanguard of proxy wars and insurgencies that affect both the peripheral territorial defences as well as the internal security in the hinterland.

As the situations have changed worldwide in the defence and security domain, it is very important that soldiers and policemen need to be equipped with the latest gadgets, arms and munitions. But before that, it is more important that their training has to be more effective to be able to deal with this new hybrid warfare. Given the many instances of infiltration and sieges within our own territory I think the Indian security forces across the board falter in adhering to standard operating procedures or resort to destruction of one’s own infrastructure to be able to kill one or two entrenched terrorists. I have been mentioning this same drawback several times in my past write-ups but the problem persists.

A case in point. I recollect an incidence of 10th of January, 2015 when a box was left unattended in front of the DSA headquarters around 7 pm in the evening. The next morning the hon’ble Prime Minister was to address a rally in the maiden nearby. In spite of repeated calls to the police, no one turned up for the next hour and a half. Two cops came with batons in hand to manage the crowd. That was the time when the Paris attacks had taken place and fears of similar strikes in India were rampant. Finally, a Bomb Squad and one sniffer dog arrived. I was shocked to see the cop (unprotected by a bomb disposal suit) lift the box and shake it. What would have happened in that crowded street, if there had indeed been a bomb in the box, can well be imagined. We are all very well aware of how the terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai was handled.

We will have to accept the reality that our soldiers and policemen, brave and fearless as they are as seen in the manner in which the Pakistan Army intruders in Kargil in 1999 were neutralised against heavy odds, need to be trained to higher levels to deal with the new threats that are emerging.

This edition highlights the importance of the roles and the requirements of our future soldiers and policemen, and the challenges being faced by them to make India safe and secure. I am sure dear reader that you will find an altogether new dimension in our reportage in this regard.

I, on behalf of team DSA, wish a great success to the Indian Air Force on its 84th Anniversary on 8 October and I would also like to wish to all, a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.


Jai Hind!


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