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Sunday February 23, 2020

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Demonetisation: A Hammer On Terrorism And Fake Currency

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India has a prolific chronicle of dates which we cherish every year as a part of our proud revolutionary history. Joining the list of revolutionary dates is the event of 8 November 2016 which has served as yet another revolution in modern India. Every Indian became associated, willy-nilly, with this date. When I say ‘everyone’ it includes not only individuals but organisations, homes and every sector of human endeavour in India.

There has been a great deal of hue and cry since then. Controversies rose in a flurry after the demonetisation drive by the Government of India. But, as a matter of fact, I look at this one step as a very positive one to strengthen the defence and security apparatus. I believe in the sagacious dictum that ‘easy comes, easy goes’ and this applies to easy money as well. Easy-money has eased and helped the operations of terrorist groups within the country and nurtured a nexus with many other likeminded anti-national elements.

With one stroke of demonetisation, the supply of currency for terrorist activities was cut and it has become very challenging to fund ‘Sleeper Cells’ and facilitate their anti-national activities. We can very well see that there has been a sharp decline in terrorist and Naxal movements across the country. This phenomenon has strengthened and bolstered the morale of our defence and security personnel. This will also bring a strong check on the fake Indian currency which earlier used to grease the wheels of terrorism and sow instability in the economy. With the introduction of the new currency, it is another blow to the hawala and fake currency operators.

However, such a step is likely to slow down the procurement process under the new Defence Procurement Policy for the defence forces due to the nonavailability of funds in the banks. There are aslo apprehensions that the value of Indian Rupee maybe adversely affected. But let us brace ourselves with the conviction that the government will take all the necessary actions to control the devaluation of the Indian Rupee.

Our experts who have a long hands-on experience in the defence and security forces have highlighted the impact of demonetisation as the hammer on the terrorist and Naxal activities in this edition. Team DSA is all set to bring the research-based excellent content always in each edition and we are sure that you will get an altogether new view on the demonetisation and its positive effects on national security..


Jai Hind!!


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