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Thursday February 27, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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Terrorism or Political conflict?

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Battlelines have become blurred. Rare are the occasions when the Armed Forces of one nation confronted the Armed Forces of another in clearly defined geographical limits. Hybrid warfare has become the norm and war by proxy, the new methodology in regime change operations. The combatants are now either ‘our freedom fighters’ or as the victims claim, they are terrorists who use improvised explosive devices for suicide bombing, car bombing and act either in concert or as ‘lone wolf’ to strike.


A Large part of the globe are currently afflicted by the scourge of undeclared wars. Many States are directly or indirectly affected by terrorism of one ideology or the other. West Asia, North Africa and the Levant in the West, India in the centre and the Philippines in the far east are confronting on a daily basis the operations of terrorists on their soil.

There are two main reasons for the existence and proliferation of terrorism: one, political conflicts between various States; and two – certain States, manufacturing arms and ammunitions, finding a continuous source of fuel for their hearths and homes with employment for their populations in such conflicts. Both these reasons are equally responsible for propagating terrorism in the last one decade. The first reason may possibly be amicably resolved through talks and patience but to find a lasting solution to the second one – the black market for small arms, will demand a Herculean motivation from the power corners of the world.

When I mention the second as a strong factor in international instability, there is a strong logic behind it. Any State manufacturing arms and ammunitions keeps the best for their own defence and security forces. The surpluses are then picked up by its allies to conduct proxy wars in their respective spheres of influence.

This edition, dear reader, is focussed on the political conflicts and terrorism as we build the dialectics centring aroud why conflicts are raging around the globe through the in-depth analysis of our esteemed authors.


Jai Hind!


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