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Thursday November 14, 2019

Current Issue: November 2019

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Rohingyas : Victims of Reverse Social Engineering

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Republic Day greetings to all esteemed readers!


Migration has always been a means of civilisational change ever since the humans have evolved. In the present age,migrations have either been triggered by religious persecutionor, as in the 21st century in the West Asia/Middle East salient by mindless military adventurism.


The migration in the Syria-Iraq battleground caused severe problems and hostile reactions between the extant populations and the incoming hordes throughout Europe. The past few months have witnessed a cataclysmic change within our own region displacing millions of Rohingya inhabitants from Myanmar.

The religious orientation (Muslim) and the racial antecedents (Bengali) have never been accepted by the Myanmarese who are largely Buddhist and speak their own dialect. India has discovered Rohingyas as deep within its own territory in already troubled Jammu and Kashmir and sees them as a potential extension of the fundamentalist Islam that has plagued the Syria-Iraq landscape. The Burmese have never accepted the Rohingya and have rendered them “stateless” under its Constitution and deprived them of all the civil amenities, thus, treating them as “resident foreigners” or “associate citizens”.

How to deal with this influx of immigrants is a conundrum confronting India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. There have been conflicts between the Rohingyas and the Buddhists over several decades which led to the loss of thousands of lives. It was quite unfortunate that the Rohingyas were dragged into the terrorist activities against the Myanmar government by terrorist groups operating under the flag of the ARSA. This edition of DSA highlights this problem.

January, also, is a month when the Indian Army celebrates its annual day i.e. on January 14. We are proud of our Army and its commitment to the safety and security of the nation from any adverse situation that may arise. I am sure, dear readers, that this edition will give you a complete view on the preparedness of our Army and the emerging problems of Rohingyas.


Jai Hind!


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