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Sunday February 23, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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Development As Factor For Peace

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Finance rules in every aspect of human existence. In economics, as we know it today, there are certain current expenses and there are certain expenses planned for the future, which sometimes become a challenge. These challenges can be countered only with advanced planning for such contingency expenses by keeping some buffer for any urgent requirement.


In the headlong rush for the tools that facilitate the projection of raw power— both conventional as well as nuclear—nations, people and communities lose sight of the truism that development is the forerunner of peace and coexistence. That, it is imperative for the well-being of its people that development permeates the urban/rural landscape a nation has to find a balance between security and growth. Yet, we witness on a daily basis nuclear-powered nations indulging in dangerous brinkmanship. A huge arc of instability has been exacerbated from the northern Pacific seaboard from the Korean peninsula across the Indian Ocean littoral (India/Pakistan salient) to the nations around the Persian Gulf (Iran) and the Mediterranean (Israel) in which the threat of use of nuclear weapons is a daily mind-boggling occurance.

Having acquired nuclear weapons capability through collusion, clandestine operations and downright theft nations are using nuclear weapons to browbeat neighbours and to secure territorial aggrandisement or regime change. China, Pakistan, North Korea nexus, in particular, has colluded amongst themselves to sell nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems in as widespread an area as Iran, Libya and South Africa. The racist regime in South Africa shut down its programme when it discovered that its demise is a foregone conclusion. To prevent the weapons falling into the hands of the Blacks, the racists destroyed their stockpile; Gaddafi of Libya hoped to curry favour with the US-led coalition by agreeing to destroy its nuclear programme. He had to pay his life; Iran signed a deal with the US which the latter is threatening to rescind. India is being threatened with terrorists operating from behind nuclear shields.

That development suffers, is best illustrated by the North Korea/South Korea comparison. The fruits of development appear to have bypassed North Korea while South Korea is a bustling outward-bound economy. South Korea may not possess the nuclear weapons but it has developed a lot in the other fields.

The Winter Olympics has become occasion for both Koreas to bury the hatchet and seek out avenues of cooperation and peaceful coexistence. The world is waiting with bated breath.

In this edition, DSA has decided to change its format, dear readers. You will find more assorted contents in each edition covering defence, security and world affairs to keep you updated about swift-changing national and international developments. We remain committed to a research-based excellent content in each edition we publish.



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