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Tuesday January 28, 2020

Current Issue: January 2020

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For any effective outcome of any activity, a good health is required. It encompasses proper diet, sleep and precautions against diseases for every human being. And when it comes to any military force, it becomes more important that the force personnel’s health is perfect in all manners. Be they at the border or at any other ground duty. Their health plays a vital role in keeping the national security upright and tight.

For the military establishment in India, it is all the more important considering the various types of terrain it is required to defend. From altitudes up to 20,000 ft in the Himalayas to the jungles of northeast India and the deserts of Rajasthan where our force personnel are being posted and have to face ever newer threats internally and externally. As the climate has changed drastically in the past few decades, many new threats have arisen for the forces and health is a major concern to each individual. The forces deployed in the -40 degree and 50+ centigrade temperatures have to confront health hazards caused by extremes in climate change. Acclimatisation alone is no more the panacea for all terrains. So, special training is being imparted in which yoga plays an important part to make them fit to face such climate changes in areas of their operation. And to maintain morale at a high level, it is necessary to also ensure that separated families are comfortable and bereft of the contingencies of everyday life.

It has been observed that the force personnel deployed at the high altitude and deserts face lot of deficiencies even when they are shifted to other posts.

As a matter of fact, the research conducted by the military has been very supportive for the entire nation as in the discovery of the bacteria of malaria. There are many other such researches being done by military teams during the natural calamities; it’s the military medical paraphernalia which gives support to the disaster management system along with the other medical teams.

In greater or lesser measure, the fact is that military medicine has played a vital role in both the combat situation as well as in support of civil authority. The research and development being done in defence laboratories has spinoffs in the civil sector.

This edition was visualised by our Editor-in-Chief and designed accordingly as you will not find such articles focussed only on the issue of military medicine anywhere. I am thankful to all the contributors who have added content to this edition to make it a collector’s edition.

Happy reading!

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