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Sunday February 23, 2020

Current Issue: February 2020

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360 Degree Panorama

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It is time to review and recollect the happenings in the defence, security and world affairs across the globe as DSA completes nine years of its inception as the bulwark of defence and security journalism and finds it an appropriate opportunity to review the issues through the 12 editions of the 2017-2018 continuum.


At the international level, hopes of a modicum of peace disappeared after the decimation of the baleful Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the retreat of its leader Abu Bakr al Bagdadi (is he dead or alive is still a matter of conjecture) when US President Donald Trump stirred up the Middle East-West Asia cauldron by instigating the Sunni phalanx against the Shias led by Iran. Even as we prepare to put this edition to bed came news of a shootout at a military parade in the province of Khuzustan in Iran putting fuel to fire.

Yet in the rapid flux in international events, a glimmer of hope was rekindled post- Trump’s summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Now, the divided North and South portions of Korea have moved closer creating expectations of an eventual reunification and permanent denuclearisation of the peninsula.

Indian diplomacy is going to be tested in order to prevent the US applying sanctions on Indian purchases of military equipment from Russia. Simultaneously, American sanctions on Iran could jeopardise the carefully crafted Chahbahar port approach to the Afghanistan heartland. India will have to convince the US that Indian access through this port would have a salutary effect on the developments in Afghanistan and beyond. It needs to be carefully watched how the 2+2 dialogue with the US will affect Indian interests’ globally.

There is urgency in shaping the geopolitics of South Asian ambiance where the election of Imran Khan is nothing but a ‘medicine as before’ arrangement with the Pak military escalating its terrorist attacks in J&K with a new game-plan of targeted attacks and Imran Khan actively endorsing it. This is clearly an attempt to undo the losses suffered by its minions operating in J&K during the Indian Army’s “Operation Allout” that saw the security forces gather valuable actionable intelligence and managed to eliminate nearly 200 hard-core terrorists in rapid succession. Hybrid warfare had been significantly crippled during this Operation.

Though India is alert to the dangers surrounding it, we need to give strong signals to Pakistan that no more interference will be tolerated at any front. The entire world is looking at India for its growth potential and its preeminent position in South-East Asia and our action matters to the entire world.

The scenario of defence, security and the world affairs has become very murky in the past nine years and we feel that India needs to be more firm and clear in its national security posture.

The DSA Team is particularly proud of being able to maintain very high standards in the content and its presentation right from the first edition in October 2009.

DSA is committed to maintain its world-class standards and Team DSA led by Editor-in-Chief Shri Manvendra Singh will continue to bring eye-opening material to explain geopolitical developments in the years to come. Dear reader, please encourage us in our sincere efforts and hard work to continue publishing the print edition in this digital world. We are sure that more and more nationalists will join hands with us in the coming months and years ahead.

Jai Hind!

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