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Tuesday October 15, 2019

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Impact Of Trump-Kim Summit on india

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The first most palpable impact on a world watching with bated breath was the rapid reduction of temperature as US President Donald Trump, characteristically unpredictably, dropped the thinly veiled pejorative of “rocket man” in references to North Korean President Kim Jong-un to “very talented” and “great negotiator”. There was a sigh of relief in the world. Hope of more tangible results on denuclearisation has since been strengthened by President Trump talking of a second summit soon.

India, which is a victim of the China-Korea-Pakistan conspiracy of proliferation of nuclear warheads and delivery systems, has a stake in what is happening in the Pacific salient. Its diplomacy, tempered as it is by its insistence on complete and universal disarmament, would want to see that half-measures and loopholes are not built into any likely future denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula which, as seen in the manner in which Pakistan was nuclearised, is a crucial factor in India’s defence posture.

The world has seen two global conflagrations; the second being brought to a ghastly abrupt end by the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. We are all too familiar with the after effects on mankind across borders. The rhetoric of President Donald Trump and President Kim was at one point so hysterical that it seemed that the trigger of a Third World War on the planet was about to be pressed.

It needs to be remembered that North Korea did not extend its hand of friendship till it had successfully demonstrated both the great kill capacity of the nuclear warheads and the country’s ability to deliver these to any point in the USA with home-built rockets. Having laid strong foundations of deterrence, Kim was confident that he could talk with the Americans on an equal footing.

India has been keeping an eye on these developments very closely and has not reacted to any developing strategies between the two nations hoping that it will be resolved amicably. India, being one of the most important nations in Asia, sees it as a threat to the world as well as Asia, and, by and large to itself due to the backing of China to North Korea and Pakistan. Therefore, it would prefer to see that nuclear détente has a universal flavour with all nuclear ‘haves’, cloistered nukes and aspiring ‘rogues’ sit together and decide to rid the world of such weapons of mass destruction.

India still hopes that Kim understands the implications of his overview on the geo-politics in a larger perspective for the entire mankind not just his own ambitions.

I am sure this edition will give a new perspective to you, dear reader, on the KIM –Trump discussions and their effect on global and regional geo-politics.

Happy reading!

Jai Hind!

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