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Thursday July 09, 2020

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What Next Against Terrorism?

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For how long must India exercise restraint in the face of the proxy war being conducted jointly by Pakistan and China? It has been more than three decades that we have exhibited the highest level of patience and have lost more than 90,000 persons, both in uniform and civilians, to terrorist attacks. It is not that we have not countered their attempts strongly enough but we have not taken steps to inflict condign punishment on the instigators and masterminds operating from inside Pakistani held territory, both in J&K and along the International Border.

We thought that our first surgical strike on terrorist camps close to the Line of Control would have a deterrent effect but the Pakistan Army and the Inter- Services Intelligence continued to escalate attacks on India. The recent killing of 40 CRPF personnel in the car-bomb attack on a convoy in Pulwama had traumatised the whole nation and the government was compelled to conduct an air strike on 26 February 2019 which was the first of its kind ni Indian history. The Indian Air Force bombed the terrorist base camps in Balakot in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (former NWFP) and killed hundreds of terrorists.

With this, India had shown to the world that we are strong enough to counter any further attacks on our national security. The entire world was with us on this air strike and, more importantly, the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council — US, Russia, UK, France and China — did not oppose our action against terrorism. This action was a great diplomatic victory for India. Later, US, France and UK laid a resolution in the UN Security Council to declare Masood Azhar, founder of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, an international terrorist but unfortunately China used its veto power for the fourth time to prevent any punitive action against this arch terrorist.

Hopefully, India is not going to stop here. Though we are in the process of the parliamentary elections, our defence and security forces, police and the intelligence agencies are on high alert to counter any folly by Pakistan.

But here I would like to mention that what-ever has been done so far is not enough and we have to sustain our pressure on Pakistan while applying unrelenting pressure on internal agents who are playing proxies for the Pakistan-China clique.

Just the air strike is not the final act in India’s counter-terorr policy. India must take below mentioned measures to ensure that terrorism is eradicated at the grassroots just as was done against the Khalistan movement in Punjab:

1. Shift all the pro-Pak elements like Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Farooq, Shabeer Shah and others to Tamil Nadu jails immediately.

2. Discontinue all the business, commercial, cultural and games related programmes with Pakistan.

3. Close down Indian Embassy and its consulates in Pakistan and same closure of Pakistan’s Embassy and consulates in India immediately.

4. No further talks with Pakistan at any level till it hands over Masood Azhar, Hafiz Sayeed and other terror masterminds to Indian government and close down all the terrorist camps in Pakistan especially those hidden in the madrassas strewn all over Pakistan.

5. Create pressure in UNSC at all levels to expose Pakistan as a terrorist State.

6. Generate pressure on US and other countries to stop all financial grants to Pakistan.

7. Create strong bonding with other countries suffering from terrorism for a common agenda.

8. More strict measures on the international borders to stop any cross-border activities.

9. More aggressive search operations and counterterror operations in the Kashmir Valley to be started immediately.

10. Check the funding to the various organisations in the Kashmir Valley involved in surrogate activities of social work but actually funding the terrorism activities.

11. Special funds should be arranged for counter-terrorism in the country.

12. Special training to be imparted to our forces for a better performance.

13. Special surveillance teams to be created equipped with helicopters and drones.

14. Central command should be established at the earliest for the sharing of information about all the terrorist outfits, each individual and their modus operandi.

We also need to give more powers to our defence, security, police and the intelligence forces to counter the terrorist attacks and eliminate the terrorists from our land.

Simultaneously, we also need to equip our forces with all the latest arms, ammunitions and gadgets to counter any terrorist actions by any group. It has been observed that at times the terrorists are equipped with very sophisticated arms, ammunition and the tele-communication gadgets and our forces are sometime unable to counter them well due to lack of the latest gadgets. So, it is very important that our forces countering terrorism should be well equipped and prepared.

I am sure that if the above-mentioned measures are taken in a serious and sincere manner, we will be able to save lives of our people, secure our national security and eliminate the terrorists and terrorism. We need to have a sustainable methodology against terrorism. Just one surgical strike or another air strike cannot save us from terrorism and its aftereffects which we have been facing for the past few decades. We need to operate externally as well as internally simultaneously and without that, things cannot be controlled the way they are currently.

This edition is focussed on this very urgent issue and our esteemed contributors have highlighted the nuances in dealing with it. Our intention is to promote brainstorming so that we can collectively contribute to the elimination of terrorism in India.

Jai Hind!


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