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Sunday July 05, 2020

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“India’s Lead to the world”

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The evening of 23 May 2019 brought a new message to the entire world that India is now going to lead the world to bring peace, prosperity and development on the globe. It is not a mere victory of a political party but it’s a victory of all those who wish for peace and prosperity on earth. Every country has various ways of electing their governments and the same is the case with India too. India has seen some 15 General Elections so far after independence but this election of 2019 has been completely different in many different ways. This was the first election of its kind where people have voted above the religion, caste and creed and just kept one single point in their minds while casting their vote:

“The integrity and sovereignty of India under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi”.

The entire opposition was on one side, and Mr Narendra Modi and his vision, was on the other side. It was for the first time after the freedom struggle in India that by and large the majority of the population had one common reason to support and elect a government that is 100 per cent nationalist, committed and dedicated to the bright future of the country. By the time this edition will reach you, dear reader, Mr Modi and his associates will be functioning for the upliftment of each Indian. Team DSA congratulates Mr Modi and his entire Cabinet.

The challenges and threats to India’s national security are as old as they were at the time of our emergence as a nation-State. It is time to take a serious account of them by the new government as it is the top priority item of the new Cabinet. The current government, with no fears about numbers, can be expected to achieve its stated objectives smoothly. I am sure that the strengthening of the defence and security apparatus, defence preparedness, acceleration of the procurement process for the defence and security forces of India, bilateral relationships with the neighbours and other international community will be the prior and preferred task for the new government.

The entire world is looking at India now with greater expectations of the new government in 2019. Most of the heads of the nations are very friendly with Mr Modi on a personal level and I am sure that all the countries will brainstorm as how to bring more and more peace and prosperity on the earth under the leadership of Mr Modi which is undoubtedly the victory of India. This is going to be a Golden Era for India and will be a shining light to the whole world in the years to come.

This edition has focussed on the vision of the new government for national security. Our experts have given their very candid thoughts which I am sure that you would very much appreciate.

Jai Hind!


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