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Friday February 28, 2020

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Eradicate Corruption: Save India

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Everyday we are seeing arrest or move to arrest the so called politicians responsible for running the affairs in India which is so pathetic that it is actually creating a negative impact of the country internationally. What our future generations are going to learn from these acts of our politicians. Will the tales of sacrifice and dedication and commitment for the nation become an old story for the new generations. Will the freedom struggle go in vain and the sacrifices of Ghandhi ji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandreshekhar and Azad and many more in waste.


Sooner or later each Indian has to act or react to the corruption prevailing in our society. If we do not act against it or react now, our coming generations are not going to forgive us for our cowardly acceptance of this curse. There may be many instances in everyone’s life where he or she has come across some instance or a situation where we have compromised and directly or indirectly supported corruption. It is easy to comment that our entire system is corrupt and there is no hope of any improvement at all but have we as individuals and responsible citizens ever tried to understand as to how it became as rampant a problem as it is today? Was it of the same level immediately after the attainment of Independence? If India has developed in multifarious ways then we must acknowledge that the level of corruption has also kept pace in the same degree as the general growth of the nation. Have we ever had a scam a day as we have now?

Two important pillars of society that were responsible for the entire planning, execution and control of development and growth of the country in every sector actually went astray and became involved in corrupt practices which has affected the entire country.

One pillar is our political system rather, I should say, our political parties – which are solely responsible for this corruption in the country. There is no political party, which is not actively involved in the corruption of the highest order. They have brought rot and ruin to the entire system by involving the other pillars as well.

The second pillar is our bureaucracy, which has been an integral part of corruption by choice and by various compulsions. I firmly believe that without their contribution, dedication and commitment to corruption the political pillar could not have succeeded and our country would have really not reached the unenviable list of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Neither are all politicians corrupt nor is the entire bureaucracy corrupt but, yes, most of them are and that is the reason why this curse on our country is increasing by the day.

There are other pillars as well that wallow with gust in this cesspool of corruption such as the business groups, industrialists and the judiciary too. As a consequence, the worst-affected is national security which, I am sure, none of us has ever evaluated or tried to fathom. Every deed of corruption has led us directly or indirectly to a state that today we all are prone to insecurity in every walk of life.

Here I want to quote a former Chief Election Commissioner who had this to say about corruption in India. " Do you know how elections are run in this country? Liquor for the father, cloth for the mother and food for the baby."

"What is not corrupt in this country? India's central vice is corruption; the centrality of corruption is election corruption; and centrality of election corruption is the business houses."

Unfortunately for us after so many years the corruption scenario has only worsened.

If the politicians were not involved in corruption terrorism also could not flourish in the country. Every political party which has been in power over the years is responsible for the present state of affairs. Our people are dying, our security forces are under tremendous pressure and when they are actually quite close to smash the terrorist groups then they are either transferred somewhere else or they are compelled to resign or asked to be away from the scene. This is only because these politicians receive hefty amounts to safeguard the interests of terrorists and their supporters in the country.


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