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Saturday June 06, 2020

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So, finally Pakistan is EXPOSED

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So, finally Pakistan has been EXPOSED. What it has been saying for so many years proved wrong and finally Laden was found in the lap of Pakistan Army / ISI combine which have been quoting that Laden is nowhere in their land. There are so many big questions which the rulers of this State have to face. They cannot get rid of their responsibility by just saying that it was not in their knowledge. How can such a hardcore terrorist leader hide so close to the Army area without their knowledge.


In my last month's blog I raised some very important points on the strong involvement of the State of Pakistan in the flourishing Industry of Terrorism.

“Is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan really a “pak” (pious) State as it was visualised by its progenitor Mohammad Ali Jinnah?

What progress has it made in the last 64 years of its existence?

As a consequence the only industry that has flourished in the past decades is that of terrorism which is thriving in Pakistan. All the previous governments and the present one have contributed by acts of commission and omission to the promotion of the business of terrorism which has now attained global proportions. It is a multinational corporation in every sense of the term. All the politicians, defence personnel, bureaucrats and diplomats have become purveyors of the cult of terrorism as is seen in the manner in which they singly and collectively spring to the defence of the terrorist and try to justify the existence of this cult and his / her acts with such coinage as “Islamophobia” and “Muslim-baiters”.

Today, Pakistan and terrorism have become synonymous and innocent Muslims suffer the consequences of an image that has been superimposed on Islam for geopolitical, not spiritual, purposes.

It is a matter of great concern for the whole world as it is affecting everyone. The research and development of products like jihad, human bombs and terrorism are being developed in Pakistan and are being shipped to all parts of the world. And India being the neighbour and a peace loving country is affected the most. We have seen the conspiracies being hatched and implemented by Pakistan on many occasions and we are really disturbed because of this. Thousands of Indians have been sacrificed in the macabre mechanisation and ill-advised conceit relentlessly pursued by Pakistan.”

It is finally proved that Pakistan is the epicentre and main cause for all the terrorist activities across the globe as the entire Military-ISI combine, administration and the entire government is safeguarding these terrorist groups and their mentors. US has been after Laden for years and I believe that US will agree with India now that yes! Pakistan is the main culprit and most responsible for terrorist activities no matter wherever these happen - India, US, UK, Russia or Afghanistan.

The entire Muslim world is under tremendous pressure now as they are suspicious about the next move of US. I think any State or individual should not be scared if they do not have any sympathy for Laden or people like him, but yes if any State or an individual is a sympathizer of Laden and his ilk then it is the time for them to be ALERT to be in the scanner of US and other States. Now the time has come for every individual as well as State to be more tough and uncompromising with these enemies of a peaceful and happy world.

I think an old Indian demand should be taken more seriously by the government of Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim (the so called mastermind of the Mumbai blasts) to Indian government at the earliest before its too late for Pakistan as well as for Dawood himself. Life is precious for everyone and I am sure that he (Dawood) would like to live more rather than be killed like Laden. This should be an alarm for the well-wishers of Dawood as well. They may also meet the same fate.

Lets hope good sense prevails and rulers of Pakistan see the writing on the wall and say TAUBA to the path of death and destruction and start working for the welfare of the people of Pakistan instead of creating safe havens for terrorists.

Lets all pray for peace and prosperity for the people and the State of Pakistan and especially for the women and children who are the worst sufferers.



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