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Saturday May 30, 2020

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Protecting Indian values, enhancing national security interests!

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So here we are on the second anniversary of the publication of Defence and Security Alert and another very important day for team DSA to remember each and every moment of how this platform was visualised, crafted and brought to a successful fruition. The support from every corner, the contribution of each one, the achievements, the mistakes, the learning curve over the past two years which have really made DSA one of the most read and respected magazines in the defence and security genre in India and abroad need to be recalled and treasured. It was not that easy to enter and sustain ourselves in this niche field with no background of defence or security but each team member was always imbued with one common vision that we have to bring forth a world class magazine. And that we did together.

Anniversaries are always intended to be celebrated with great pomp and show but I deeply believe that more than celebration one should introspect how DSA has managed itself in the past year and seek new ways of further innovating and improving a product that has the potential and promise of becoming the best in genre magazine in the world. What needs to be done in the coming years is what is propelling us all into a future which is very clear in our minds. When DSA was soft launched in October 2009 I believed that for any serious and sincere effort silence is very important especially when it applies to issues of national importance and that was the reason we decided not to hold any official function to launch DSA . Now, after two years, I realise that it was the right decision at that time and I have no regrets for not organising a function much against the wishes of many of my dear friends at that time.

Before starting DSA I knew little about the defence and security domain, but in the last two years while shaping DSA I have come to a shocking realisation of the casual attitude of the government at the centre as well as in the various states in the country where terrorism and Naxalism are major threats to the common man. I don't understand the reason for such negligence by the government at this stage when we are seeing strong interference by Pakistan almost on a daily basis. Why is the government taking it so casually and continuing the talks with a neighbour who is actually at war with us?

In the past two years many significant developments have transformed the secnario of the defence and security in India and globally and DSA tried to bring attention on most of them through the experts' opinion in all the past twelve issues. India is continuously facing threats from our neighbours namely China and Pakistan so DSA took a note of it and published a special edition on China focusing on the threat perception and challenges foreseen by Indian defence experts immediately after its first anniversary in November 2010. US is playing a vital role today in the defence and security of all States and more particularly now in South Asia. A wide coverage was given to this in a US special edition. Our readers will find details of all these issues especially published in this anniversary compendium to encapsulate how DSA has been aware and concerned about these developments in the last one year.

DSA has been honoured by its esteemed contributors, the renowned defence and security experts of our nation and the main force for the success of DSA in just two years. Team DSA is thankful to each one of them. The list is expanding every month and I am also thankful to contributors from abroad who liked to associate themselves with DSA only for one good reason - that they found it to be a strong platform to disseminate their thoughts to the Indian as well as the global audience. I assure all DSA contributors that they will find excellent editing and presentation of their thoughts always.

DSA has maintained a very high quality from the very first edition because it has a clear view that nothing sustains itself without quality. Let me assure you that we are committed to excellence in everything we do and that is the reason DSA was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification for maintaining the most stringent international standards and we became the first and the only ISO 9001:2008 certified magazine in the defence and security journalism in India. Kudos to the entire DSA team.

I believe that each team member at DSA whether present or past had a personal attachment with it and for them it was not just a product but a mission and that is why I always have a great concern for all the team members at DSA. It is through the best efforts of the entire team that this 25th edition is in your hands dear reader.

The efforts of our Editor-in-Chief Mr. Manvendra Singh are great that in spite of his busy schedules he is able to guide the team to attain its goal. Very recently DSA was honoured by the association of renowned defence expert Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi with our mission as the Executive Editor of DSA . I am sure that under his guidance DSA content will be more strong and effective and will for sure bring more awareness and alertness among the policy and decision makers and those concerned with national security and defence. His long experience in the Indian Army will enable team DSA to understand these subjects better. I am thankful to him for all his best efforts, support and guidance to the entire team, which he has extended from day one of his association with us.

I must extend my most sincere thanks to Mr K J Singh, our corporate consultant, who is involved in every aspect of production of every DSA issue and I acknowledge with admiration his many contributions. He has been a truly committed mentor to DSA and without his guidance and support we would not have reached this level of excellence. I am indeed very grateful to him for all that he has done for us at DSA .

I am thankful to Mr Vivek Anand Pant, our creative head, who is giving his best to make DSA one of the best magazines in this genre in India and is committed to make it one of the best in the world. I am sure his abilities will take DSA to that level when you, our readers, will readily acknowledge.

I am also thankful to Mr Tejinder Singh, our head of corporate communications, who has made value additions to DSA through his excellent communication skills in just few months of his association and I am sure he will take the DSA communications and mesage to greater heights.

Lastly, but not the least, I must express my thanks to Ms Shveta Gupta my EA who is always there to support me in all that goes into the making of a magazine with great patience and professionalism. She has been handling all activities smartly to give support to the system. I am also thankful to Mr Ranjeet without whom it is difficult to find any document at short notice. He is always ready to support the entire system. I should not forget extending my thanks to Mr Anup who is handling all finances and accounts with great finesse. I on behalf of team DSA welcome Ms Anamika Singh as our Deputy Manager Ad-Sales. I am sure with her long experience in the media she will add value to ad-sales department.

I gratefully acknowledge the overwhelming response that DSA has been getting issue after issue from discerning readers, defence and security professionals and think tanks from India and around the world and the wholehearted acceptance by the defence and security industry. This global interest and recognition has helped in our ever rising circulation. DSA now plans to regularly cover latest developments in the industry impacting defence and security environment.

I am thankful to everyone in DSA who is extending his or her best expertise, support and efforts to maintain its standards and quality, make it most readable and available to the people concerned with defence and security of India and the world. At the same time I believe that for any mission it is more important to introspect our process, procedures and systems to improve upon them and attain higher standards and I assure, on this happy occasion, all our readers that the entire DSA team is committed to excellence and maintaining and improving the highest standards in quality and content in the coming months and years.

And in the end, I would like to update you, dear reader, that DSA is now taking a new step by organising its first seminar next month on Limited Wars in South Asia on the occasion of its 2nd anniversary and I assure you that we will organise many more such seminars and conferences on important topics to initiate debates and discussions in the concerned quarters of policy and decision makers and to help make India more safe and secure.

We all at DSA seek your blessings and support to attain this goal.




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