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Sunday April 05, 2020

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Publisher and CEO Blog - Pawan Agrawal Blog

History teaches us hard lessons

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Historical mistakes teach us lessons in our lifetime. It is a blessing in disguise if we are able to use it like a mirror to reflect our past to remind ourselves of the error of our ways, the shortfalls that we had shown and the grief that we had caused to ourselves or our nation. Reflections, both physical and esoteric, help us skirt the shortfalls of the past and make our present less burdened with psychological baggage and our future more assured and secure.


Defence Forces and Statecraft

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"A person who cannot destroy the entire enemy with his allies opens his own doors for destruction" – Chanakya

I am surprised to see the above quote of my ideal Chanakya on one of Pakistan’s defence websites. DSA’s mission statement is an eloquent quotation from Chanakya’s treasure trove. I wonder if our neighbours have been inspired by DSA! I am sure not many people know that the DSA website is regularly visited by many Pakistani soldiers and officers. The reason is that they very well understand the contemporaneity and relevance of one of Chanakya’s many nuggets of statecraft quoted and enshrined in the Indian national ethos hundreds of years back. Yet I have doubts if this wisdom enlightens any of our current policy and decision makers.


Sino-Pak Perfidy: Alarm for India

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Not many in India and even in Pakistan know much about Gilgit and Baltistan.

Team DSA decided to highlight the strategic importance, role of Pakistan and the baleful shadow of China on this region which together are directly going to affect the geopolitics of not only India but the entire South-east Asia and prove deleterious in the times to come. We need to understand the emerging game plan of both to understand their motives to destablise India and create conditions that will severely curtail India’s role and importance in the region.


Naxal Menace: Who Is Responsible?

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The transformation of the Naxal menace from a blip on the landscape to a large red blob on the map of India has not happened in the span of months or a year. It has grown like a malignant cancer from a pimple in Naxalbari in West Bengal in 1967 to a suppurating wound extending to Kerala on the other side of Mother India in the second decade of the twenty-first century - enough time for state and central governments to have found a chemotherapy to eradicate it. But it is growing.


Birds of feather flock together!

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Nature has a way of bringing like-minded peoples together. Humankind separated by vast distances have time and again developed affinities that their special circumstances demand. There are parameters by which such affinities can be gauged – language, culture, religion, geopolitical circumstances and the like. With different cultures and values and thinking, like-minded people or states tend to create affinities based on such circumstances. Common problems too tend to develop friendships and linkages as is the case with India and Israel.

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