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Strategic Partnership: India-Japan-Vietnam

Exclusive Interview with Dr VK Saraswat, Director General, DRDO and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Minister of Defence, India

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In an exclusive interview with DSA Dr V K Saraswat, Director General, DRDO spent quality time with our Editor-in-chief Maj Gen (Dr) GD Bakshi reminiscing about his long and eventful association with DRDO and sharing with DSA readers his DRDO VISION-2050.


Web of Maritime Security Coalition Bilateral, Trilateral and Multilateral by Vice Adm Hideaki Kaneda

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Author: Vice Adm Hideaki Kaneda JMSDF (Retd)
A senior Japanese Admiral takes  an  incisive  look  at the concept and  need for  a Trilateral and  later  a Multilateral Security  Coalition to safeguard the SLOCs and global commons  around  Asia. The Malacca-Singapore Strait is in fact the “lifeline of the Northeast Asian countries” covering China and South Korea as well as Japan, making it in a way the “Achilles’ tendon” in the world economy.


Security Competition in Asia Pacific and Imperatives for India, Japan and Vietnam by Brig Anil Sharma and Ms Anshu Paliwal

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Author: Brig (Dr) Anil Sharma (Retd) and Ms Anshu Paliwal
India, Japan and Vietnam have to come together in a meaningful, goal oriented strategic partnership, if Chinese great, proxy states driven game is to be countered in the Asia Pacific region. China’s aggressiveness in the region has created a demand for US force posturing in the Asia Pacific once its commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan are reduced. China, India and Japan are today the largest consumers of energy resources in Asia.


Indo-Vietnam Strategic Partnership in the Asia Pacific Region by Maj Gen PK Chakravorty

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Author: Maj Gen PK Chakravorty VSM (Retd)
After the unification of Vietnam in 1975, India backed Vietnam’s Cambodia initiative and extended support against China’s offensive of 1979. India economically assisted Vietnam and signed the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) agreement on 18 December 1982. The current two way trade between India and China is US$ 76 billion. India Vietnam two way trade is US$ 5 billion. However, it is pertinent to note that China is the biggest trade partner of Vietnam with a two way trade of US$ 30 billion. India must strategically engage with Vietnam to balance the Chinese threat. India and Vietnam are strategic partners since 2007. There is a need for intensifying this relationship by greater cooperation between India and Vietnam.


Political Dynamics in the Asia Pacific Region: India-Vietnam-Japan Triangle by Chintamani Mahapatra

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Author: Chintamani Mahapatra
In the world of complex interdependence, soft balancing and rebalancing are the order of the day. In the current dynamics of Asian politics, there is a need for a new triangular construct consisting of India, Japan and Vietnam. India-Japan-Vietnam cooperative triangle can contribute to peace and stability and can in no conceivable way contribute to conflict. Early in the post-Second World War period, Australia and New Zealand had set up a triangular alliance along with the new global super power – the United States.


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