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Tuesday July 14, 2020

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Author: Col. Rajinder Singh

(The Author has authored two books (Kashmir-A Different Perspective and The ULFA Insurgency), he is widely acclaimed for his expertise in the matters of defence and military. An alumnus of NDA, is also a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. Many of his articles have appeared in different defence magazines and newspapers.)


“——-The plan (CPEC) envisages a deep and broad-based penetration of most sectors of Pakistan’s economy as well as its society by Chinese enterprises and culture.——-“ Khurram Hussain in The Dawn of Pakistan on 21 June 2017


India And Nepal Differences: Chinese Agenda Reign High!

Author: Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

(The writer is Professor, Political Science in UPRTOU Allahabad. His book NAM and INDIA was published in 2010/ 2012 and a co-authored text-book Rajnitik Awadharnayein, in 2001.)


Unfortunately the current differences between India and Nepal appear to have become louder at the behest of China. In fact, the difference between the two erstwhile close neighbours erupted when Indian Defence Minister inaugurated the Darchula-Lipulekh pass link road on May 8, 2020, linking India and China, cutting across the disputed Kalapani area over which Nepal extends its claim. In fact, this area is used by Indian pilgrims to reach Kailash Mansarovar. But China had not raised any objection in 2015 over the construction of this road through Lipulekh. In fact, these areas lie at strategic northwestern tri-junction with India, Nepal and China, that makes the location of these areas very important for India as well as China and Nepal both.



Author: Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja (Retd.)

(The Author retired as the AOC-in-C of Training Command, IAF. He is a postgraduate in ‘National Security Strategy’ from National War College, USA.)


July 1, marks the anniversary of the 1997 British return of Hong Kong (HK) to Chinese control, an occasion that has been typified by protests, most notably in 2019 when hundreds of thousands turned out in the streets to protest against China’s intentions to gain total control over the territory through dubious means. The 2020 anniversary has come in the midst of continuing pandemic restrictions on social/large gatherings, with authorities already having rejected permits for demonstrations. More importantly, it has coincided with the concurrence of National People's Congress Standing Committee to the long-planned national security legislation, into a draconian law; the legislation was passed as a law by President Xi Jinping, in a closed-door session on 28-30 June. This law will enhance the power of authorities, sitting in mainland China, to crack down on and stamp out opposition to the Communist Party’s intentions of exercising total control over HK. While it may be dampener on the turnout in any future demonstration, it may also inflame public sentiment against the city’s pro-Beijing political camp!



Author: Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja (Retd.)

(The Author retired as the AOC-in-C of Training Command, IAF. He is a postgraduate in ‘National Security Strategy’ from National War College, USA.)


There is an ancient Chinese game of ‘GO’ in which players, if making their moves intelligently, ignore small battles for tactical gains in favour of a larger strategic game-plan. Leaving local disputes unresolved means that later, when the game intensifies, and the opponent is unguarded, you can snatch prizes at a lower cost! During the past seven decades, ever since China truly became India’s neighbour by occupying Tibet, the world’s two most populous countries have seemingly played a similar game. Even as their leaders met at the many summits, and bilateral trade thrived, the Asian giants have been in a mess of territorial disputes, which continue to fester.


Galwan Standoff: Mission ‘Derail Indian Economy’

Author: Navniit Gandhi

(The Author is an academic, freelance feature writer and an author. One of the books authored by her is titled: National Security: Emerging Dimensions and Threats..)


The overall mood has changed. A pall of weariness threatens to engulf India, even as dark clouds of aggression at the border make us squirm apprehensively. One of the many sly-cum-strategic goals of China seems to be on the verge of unnerving us.


The unequivocal focus right now in our nation ought to have been economic revival and growth, along with fighting the pandemic. Plausible plans were set afoot to wean a generous slice of the global manufacturing cake from China’s clutches and refurbish our own weak manufacturing base. The mood was upbeat. Initial strokes of optimism and determination-to-grow had just graced the canvas, and China played its master-stroke.


China’s Gross misunderstanding about India!

Author: Pawan Agrawal, CEO, DSA


If we recollect the historical events with China in the past six decades, we are all well-versed with the shared history between the two nations. But the new factor now is that China this time misunderstood India and it has underestimated India’s strength as compared to what we were in 1962. Our, the then PM was very generous to gift a big piece of Indian land to China after the 1962 war and never made any move to take it and that land is still in the clutches of China.


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