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STRIKE is a self defense programme. 

STRIKE is scientifically designed Self Defense Training Program inspired by world’s best fighting systems. It is the #1 Life Skill, easy to learn and works at both physical and psychological levels. Strike’s DECIMATE Program is a unique unarmed Self-Defense & Combat program specially for designed Indian Law Enforcement and Special Military Operations Contexts. This program provides solutions to a multiplicity of armed and unarmed threats. 

DECIMATE Hand to Hand & Close Combat Trainings combine the best of world’s fighting systems, street fighting and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques. All the techniques are scientifically developed, and battle tested across organizations. It relies on simple, instinctive body movements rather than rigid techniques requiring years of training.

The DECIMATE defensive tactics training is characterized by a logical and progressive approach to learning that results in a highly effective, easy to learn, natural, battle tested and practical method of defensive tactics for real life violent encounters.

In today’s unconventional war scenarios, rules of engagement in counter insurgency operation are changing daily as operations are being conducted in urban / restrictive settings. Off duty threats to our personnel are also on the rise and need to be addressed.

Our mission is to provide the best training to the protectors of our communities. The program is constantly evolving by looking at new methods of attack and getting real time feedback from the field

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