• Pre-requisite online registration to write for DSA Dialogue 
  • Original, Plagiarism-free and unpublished content
  •  Each article should feature a headline or caption and within the word limit of 500-1000 words
  • The article should not advertise any product or service
  • The draft can be proofread and edited by team DSA for spell-checks and grammar checks
  • Major edits will be made after fetching the author’s approval
  • For uncensored publication, DSA prohibits content that is of offensive language, threats, and unsupported accusations, promote or oppose electoral candidates, invade the privacy of any individual or organization
  • DSA Dialogue is an informal exchange of ideas and insights and not a platform to solicit personal or official information.
  • References to creative commons, images and videos are encouraged 
  • Any image used in the article should be a minimum of 560 x 315 pixels in jpg, png or gif format.
  • DSA Dialogue Policy is subject to amendment at any time to ensure that its use is consistent with its intended objective of creating awareness and providing an unbiased platform for discussions related to global defence and security and international relations.

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We encourage every writer who invests their time and knowledge to draft their excellently penned articles and blogs for our website.

  • The best article/blog of the month will win a free subscription of DSA magazine digital edition for one calendar year.
  • The post will be highlighted on the DSA website.
  • The best article will be chosen by the editorial team after evaluating the article on various factual and grammatical parameters.


Writing for DSA Dialogue  does not obligate publication. Published posts will be those that add value to the content and for DSA readers. There shall be no explaining for unapproved or unpublished posts.

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