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Safe Life from Biohazards

Bibliography: Management of Chemical and Biological agents – DRDE NBCD – CME OPCW Introduction: A professional with 30+ years’ experience in Education and Training on threats and find protection from Biological Hazards. The Biological Hazards are Microorganism i.e. living organisms primarily threats to humans like Bacteria, Virus, Toxin and Fungi[Read More…]


Sun Tzu, Chinese philosopher cum war strategist, had written a book titled “The Art of War”. Published in 1910 and translated into English by Lionel Giles, the book admonishes the sovereign and the generals how to conduct warfare. His foremost teaching was to win a war without fighting. He said:[Read More…]


Though the Chinese are normally only inspired by Confucian thoughts and the teachings of Sun Tzu, for once they seem to have adopted an American idea of converting crisis into an opportunity, propagated by the likes of Rahm Emanuel who has famously commented; “you never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” The current Coronavirus pandemic is too precious a crisis to be wasted by the Chinese. As US, Europe and Russia battle the virus; the Chinese are busy asserting themselves and expanding their global footprint. They have increased the funding to WHO by USD 30 million, donated medical supplies (albeit dubious) to Africa and Europe, violated the territorial sovereignty of Vietnam by naming 80 islands and other geographical features in the South China Sea, while Chinese state media and diplomats sing an aggressive and jingoistic tone.

Will India be Able to Replace China as a Manufacturing Hub?

I had an opportunity to visit and interact with various people in China in many cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, and Macau & Hong Kong. I also dealt with various large size heavy CNC machinery manufacturers from China as well as Taiwan. I feel I have a fair idea of their systems, working methodology and various expertise, shortcomings, capacity, dedication, discipline etc. These aspects are necessary to know before expressing any opinion.

New Emerging Areas of Conflict!

Today, while the whole world is painfully suffering the massive onslaught of the mounting Corona pandemic, China is, instead engaged in consolidating its illegally captured areas in South China Sea and the so-established sphere- of-influence in Indian Ocean and may be elsewhere too, despite facing the reverse Corona attack. As[Read More…]

Biological Warfare: Covert and Challenging

While some Muslims are outraged for being the targets of disdain for the spread of the coronavirus in India, evidence around the world may justify a reasonable cause for a heightened sense alarm. The Saudi website,, has reported that Iranian militias infected with COVID-19 have been sent to the front lines of Syria to wage biological warfare against Syrian rebels and the international anti-ISIS coalition.

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