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Post Covid World-Time to expand UNSC

Author: Mohinder Pal Singh (Col Mohinder Pal Singh,PhD  is  a  defence  Analyst  working for EGROW Foundation. Views expressed  are  personal) The world  is  passing  through  a  testing  time. As on today over nine lakhs people  are  affected with  over  40,000 deaths. The number seems to  be  going  out  of  control and  no  solution seems plausible in[Read More…]

A Heavy Stroke…

Is the present scene the outcome of a master-stroke deliberately unleashed by one or more nations or a mis-stroke that got the calculations wrong, or a simple act of nature trying to teach us some grave lessons? Difficult to say… Anyway, the whole wide world has been struck hard and heavily. The ‘fear’ of[Read More…]

Learn The Lessons Fast

It must be stated up front and immediately that the decision to impose the nation-wide lockdown was necessary and good. But there are lessons to be learned from the manner in which the policy decision announced by the Prime Minister was to be implemented within a four-hour timeframe. India has[Read More…]


The COVID pandemic is threatening governments, economies and societies in ways we are yet to fully comprehend. While controlling its spread is the priority , the likely aftermath which could engulf the world in an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude and have a profound effect on global and regional geopolitics[Read More…]

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