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Bharat Supply & Support of Military Materials and Advance Technologies

At Paris, France. 2-4 November.2022. During the CII “Confederation of Indian Industry” and
its Defence sector-oriented body SIDM “Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers” CEOs
delegation to France.
BSS Alliance introduced and presented its diverse portfolio of developments held in “Materiel”
Military Materials and Advance Technologies to the French Government and organizations
headquartered in Paris. i.e., Ministere Des Armees Executive Director South Asia Mr.
Stephane Chambenois, H.E. Olivier Becht, Minister of Trade and Investments, Mr. John W.H.
Denton AO, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Alexander
Bohmer & Ms. Isabelle Journard from the OECD “Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development”.

The Deputy Chief of Indian Mission in France Dr. K.M. Praphullachandra Sharma coordinated
these interactions held with the French Government and Organizations based in Paris, France.
The afore mentioned have shown particular interest in the following BSS Alliance developed
and Integrated critical technologies.
⎯ Cyber Security, Network Security, Secure Communication, Smartphone Security, Dataleakage.
⎯ UAV ; Logistics Drone capable of High-payload carrying capacity with long endurance;
⎯ Counter-UAV (For Drone – Detection Identification and Neutralization);
⎯ CBRNE Detection & Alarm;
⎯ Satellite Based Navigation & Landing system. GBAS Ground-Based Augmentation
System certified for Two Constellations. (GPS and GLONASS);
⎯ Ongoing development of (Carbon Nanotubes) CNT fibres for high strength applications
in Defence, Space, Aerospace and Automobile.
⎯ High-end image analytics solution leveraging Ai , CV and Deep Machine Learning.
⎯ Technology for Secure & Environment safe disposal of unserviceable Ammunition having
Multipurpose EcoBiopreparations and Technology for the Biodegradation of also Waste
and Pollutants
⎯ Technology for autonomously producing pure hydrogen by hydrothermal oxidation of
⎯ Applications of Femtotechnology in military and non-military use, including reducing of
carbon footprint, as it speeds up the fuel-burning process by utilizing the entire fuel present
there. As a result of which during combustion, there is no residue left to react with air or
oil to produce any harmful emissions.
Of there has been a tremendous interest in particular to the BSS Alliance, integrated and
tested technology for autonomously producing pure Hydrogen by hydrothermal oxidation of
aluminium and to build Car hydrogen filling station with an autonomous module for producing
high-purity hydrogen, with a capacity of 100 nm³ per hour. As the fuel crunch EU nations have
already made considerable progress on framing of the policies for this near future H2 energy
source evolving, for applications in power-generation and automobiles.

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