April 2021

Illegal Migration Latest Threat To Global Security Radicalisation.
Terrorism/ Changing Face Worldwide


Given India’s central geographical location in the region, together with the increasing maritime focus and enhanced blue water naval capabilities—its centrality in the region is increasingly being recognised by both regional and extra-regional actors. It is becoming increasingly clear that China’s assertive foreign policy postures and increasing use of military[Read More…]


It is easy to assume that a clever adversary will take out our eyes and ears in space before initiating terrestrial conflicts. There are key choke points in space this adversary must position his anti-satellite (ASAT) forces at, before initiating these surprise attacks. Good space domain awareness may detect this[Read More…]


As much as US challenges in developing the force it wants in the Indo-Pacific are technological or fiscal or political in nature, perhaps the biggest challenge ahead is diplomatic. Very few countries are willing at this point to pick a side, and impressions of US ambivalence toward the region’s core[Read More…]

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