Coronavirus: Covid-19


Inarguably, Covid-19 is the most momentous crisis that has afflicted the globe — striking at the very roots of globalization which, despite hiccups in recent years, had generally been the constant refrain of most nations of the world since the end of the Cold War. The League of Nations, which came into being after World War I, had failed to produce remarkable results towards collective security and disarmament. However, UN appeared to be doing a shade better although, with no disciplinary powers, it lacked the competence to whip errant nations into line, this impotence being exacerbated by the brazen and often unethical and immoral use of veto powers. However, it still commanded respect and benefitted from voluntary contributions in terms of men, money and material from member nations as well as donations from private entities.


The debate on how and why Covid -19 came into being, is immaterial and irrelevant today . What is more important is to know the degree of social, political, economical, psychological, industrial , geo-political and health care upheaval , it has caused all over the world. This invisible enemy has infected more than 3 Million people world-wide and caused some 3 Lakhs deaths. The USA alone has suffered more than 80,000 fatalities , which is more than the casualties it suffered during the Vietnam war.


When will it end? That is the question everyone is asking about CoVid19. Hard to imagine, it began from one, just one infected person. Patient zero of Wuhan is said to have emerged sometime in Nov-Dec 2019. Today CoVid19 has the world in its grip. Daily death rates are alarming. While European countries claim they are beyond the peak and are opening up their businesses, elsewhere the virus is claiming more lives as we speak. It took just twelve weeks for the virus to bring the world to a halt, to put our lives and our societies on lockdown. More than 276,000 people have already lost their lives


Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. The human loss alone in US has crossed 78,000 and still counting, exceeds that of US loss in Vietnam war. This will have catastrophic demographic impact, telling directly on the workforce and economy. The loss worldwide is huge and unfillable anytime soon. All countries – big and small irrespective of the size and power – are helplessly brooding, willy-nilly, about the post Covid-19 consequences that would affect the society at large.

Mitigating The Economic Effects of CoVID-19

COVID era is unprecedented and has caught governments and people unaware, worldwide. A new form of warfare has just begun. This may well be the form in of future conflicts. Not a single shot fired, no expenses, economy crippled, people have their faces covered and imprisoned. All the wealth accumulated is futile, all savings hold little relevance, people have been separated from people, technology has dominated means of communication.

The coin has flipped…

In most probability, every fact and phenomenon has two sides. When we embraced and bowed before globalization, we were ecstatic that jobs, travels, money, materials, and technology could move freely and globally. By the 90s, the entire world almost had become an equivocal slave of the phenomenon and one must admit that the idea of making billions by selling services and products worldwide was the most alluring feature of the process. And we, the consumers, were overjoyed that the comforts and products from all over the world could be at our doorstep while our families too could relocate to the greenest of the pastures.

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