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Covid-19: A Revisit To Ancient Indian Traditions For Solutions

(The Interview With Domizio Cipriani Gran Priore Magistrale Of The Oldest Templar Order)

Dear Defence And Security Readers,

The world has been gripped by Coronavirus and a pertinent question that has been raised time and again during this time is healthy living.

The world adopted Indian Namaste as a form of social distancing norm, which also takes us back to Indian roots that is filled with practices that ensures a healthy being for eg, Yoga, food habits etc.

Although our magazine, Defence and Security Alert (DSA) addresses national security concerns and topics of defence importance, however, a nation is only as strong as it’s people and thus, we wish to use this opportunity to also discuss about “Health” as well.

We, therefore, would like to present before you an Interview of Domizio Cipriani Gran Priore Magistrale of the oldest Templar Order from Monte Carlo who is in love with India and its Traditions. 

Domizio Cipriani, was born and lived up to the age of 29 in Milan, where he carried on the family business in the construction and real estate development sector. Semi-professional sportsman, he is a car and motorbike driver in  rally raids, martial arts master with three black belts in different disciplines, who is regularly practicing Yoga. He has always been drawn to the search for  truth and life mysteries , due to the weight of the name he bears. At the age of 29 to develop his work in the financial field, he moved to the Principality of Monaco, where he founded companies with which he now works as an international financial consultant. In 2010 he had the great honor of being able to reactivate the Order of the Templars of Monte Carlo and he was  appointed, for his background, Grand Prior Magistral

He is also travelling a lot all over the world but his favorite destination is INDIA , the country in which he fell in love on the first site and who adores Indian tradition .

1.Your favorite destination is India where you wrote your book Templar Order .

I stayed many times in India, the last time when I was there  I wrote the book that was translated in four languages . In our  internal order, that is as old as 9902 years we are studying Veda  and Ancient Indian Philosophy. We are suggesting to all our members to practice yoga every day and we have important members from India among us. We are learning from the Ancient Nations like India the way to preserve sane body and  soul. We are not eating meat , but a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables , we are drinking pure water and consuming the solar energy and active deep respiration  .We are using the Ancient medicine like colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic that strengthen the immune system as well as colloidal gold

My idols are Babajii,Yogananda ,Osho ,Saibaba and  Gandhi  who have done a lot for all of humanity .

For all our followers we are suggesting to practice the experience and the spiritual philosophy  of ashram in India , the experience that should be lived and shared.

How the idea of ​​reactivating the Order of the Templars of Monte Carlo come to you?

 I was called to reactivate the internal part of the order of the Temple by co-optation.

2. You have recently published in  Monaco a revelation book entitled “Templars and Rosicrucians, the Secret Part of Temple Order The Brotherhood of the Old Rose +Croix  “.

Yes, it was published last year in Italian and English versions and reveals the mission of the internal part of the Temple order , with its philosophical, alchemical, hermetic and thaumaturgical knowledge from 1317 to today. Two more  of my books will be published shortly

“The alchemical and hermetic prayers of the Rosa + Croix” edited  by Posti interni and

“The Templars and the Essenes, an invisible thread a living memory” edited by Santelli Edizioni.

Both books are the practical manuscripts / manuals,  containing daily exercises to learn to live in the present moment in full and effective mental health.

3. In a certain way, with your book “Templars and Rosicrucians, the Secret Part of Temple Order”, you wanted to take appropriate distances from the galaxy of initiatory schools, neo-Templar or Masonic orders, governed by masters often self-proclaimed from nothing, whom you  define as  “bins”, driven by business motives, social careerism or even worse by morbid delirio of egocentrism

Exactly, and it is precisely for this reason that, to clearly highlight the differences that distinguish us, after centuries of silence, we are called back to protect our rights as human beings in these dark periods. Called into question to bring light and make public the ancient spiritual knowledge never divulged before. In this regard, we are creating, through our  study center in Monte Carlo , a tele trailer, in the appropriate dedicated section, on our official website, vision series entitled INFINITY, as guardians of the ancient symbol Rosa + Croix. You can view  the presentation on

Exceptionally we have opened the possibility to participate in the realization of the first television series of ten episodes. Join us, we also need your support in dissemination and sharing, collaborate with us, union is our strength, surely important opportunities and synergies will arise for everyone.

4. Your  best known aphorism is: “Seize wisdom from silence and use silence to create. The best teacher is the one who is capable of remaining a pupil”. Honestly, I was most impressed by your  statement “You must never give up on yourself”.

The purpose of the courses of the academy of our study center, held by the teachers who are part of our scientific committee are precisely aimed at making everyone learn the ancient spiritual knowledge to live in present moment ,  here and now, without   burdens of the senses of guilt from the past or fear of the future. This is by using the right hemisphere of our brain, our intuitive part. To learn how to create new opportunities with exponential growth, using precisely the connection with the quantum field or collective consciousness and silence. The courses are open to everyone.

5. Could you describe your working day

I could say I am on vacation all year round! Because doing what I created and love is a pure pleasure and fun and I practice a lot of physical and mental training but it is absolutely not a burden. And that’s what we want to transfer  to others too.

6. In a certain period it was in fashion to enter in the  Temple Order

Unfortunately many external groupings are aimed at mere folklore, without even being actively involved in supporting humanitarian, philosophical or educational interventions

7.What must be done in order to enter your order.

We, as a study center ,accept students in the academy, those who want to enter in our Order.  They have to attend our two-year coaching programs followed and supported by  our teachers. Once they have passed all the exams, and having learned our ethical and spiritual values, they can apply for an  admission and be welcomed with all honors.

8. You are present only in Monte Carlo or there are offices in other countries.

The external branch offices  to which we offer our collaboration for the educational training of the members are currently present in 70 countries around the world, and I am sure that the number of the new branch offices will increase . 

The courses of the Academy of the Rosa + Croix Study Center based in the Monaco have started. Are there already many members?

Yes, we have many members,  the success of having a  numerous members is due to the fact that the courses are multilingual and the students can do it directly from their home when they have free time, knowing that they always have an academy tutor listening to them. The courses suggest physical exercises and active meditations, readings, food advice and other daily practices.

What is the purpose of these courses and how can somebody  be registered ?

The aim of the courses, as we said above, is to train the student to access the connection with the quantum field, to learn to live fully in the present moment, in perfect physical and mental health. You can register by clicking on the button on the home page of our official multilingual website following the instructions.

You spoke about the keys of happiness and success, how you can become protagonist  in your daily life, without being effected by  events, learning to use the right cerebral hemisphere, our intuitive part connected to the superconscious.

That  is the purpose of our initiatory journey, but it requires daily dedication and motivation, I can safely say that all of us, at the end of the Coaching training, have obtained many satisfactions and we have written many books to witness it.

9.What do you think of the church today and of religions in general. In this difficult and almost Orwelian period when all moral, human and ethical landmarks have collapsed especially with COVID crises that brought a global health and financial crises  .

The COVID virus  attacks everybody and as we could see nobody is spared or completely protected from it…It attacks  the rich ones, the poor ones, old and young , white and black …That crisis could make us more united on global level in fight against that illness and in prevention that should be applied for everybody and everywhere because the health is the most important thing .While we are healthy we are not aware how important it is ,just when we lose it we start to appreciate it .  So everybody should be careful , respect all preventive instructions , not because of the rules by governments but because of the  self defence.

 Concerning the religious issues ,as a Rosa + Croix study center, we must take in consideration  the  regular descent from 1317 by the will of Pope John XXII. We are continuing with our experience to live and share, keeping the practice and one’s religious belief as it should be. We prefer not to enter in political and religious evaluations , even if we are obviously for the protection of the family ,basic Christian values and ethics …

14. Following this global crisis caused by COVID-19, how do you see the future of the world?

The world should learn a lesson that only united we have a power to survive this global pandemic helping each other and dividing the scientific experiences in order to find an effective cure that will save the populations . We need to understand the true nature  of the virus and its origins if we want to stop the infection .

Surely we will have to learn more and more to live without the stress and fear in order to control the emotions and to be able to help others too. I am sure that we will go out from this crisis soon .I am sure that we will win this battle with COVID19 virus not immediately but definitely .


Ms. Sanja Mihaljinac Marinovi
The Interview was conducted by Ms. Sanja Mihaljinac Marinovic,  a Croatian journalist, working for the last 20 years as a correspondent of the biggest Eastern EU media  from Italy and Spain. She is actually a President of the International Journalistic Association Esjoya ( and director of EU Web TV New Immigration

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