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Frustrated China!

The recent killings of Indian soldiers by the People’s Liberation Army of China exhibits China’s frustration and nothing else. China very well knows that a conventional war with India could be very hard hitting for it. And thus, the Chinese army has been provoking the Indian army at the Ladakh borders for the past few days that resulted into what appears to be an act of physical violence in which 20 Indian Army personnel were martyred though only after giving an equal blow.

There has been tremendous pressure on China for the past few weeks which has resulted into such retaliation and its army has started assaulting the Indian army on the borders. There have been many other factors which has pressurised the Chinese leadership to divert the attention of its people from some of the core issues within China.

China has been verbally attacked by almost all nations across the globe for the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

It is now well established that China is directly responsible for the Pandemic on the globe, hundreds of international companies having their production units in China have started winding up their operations and that has resulted badly on the GDP and millions of Chinese have lost their jobs. So, on one side China has to face the heat from almost 150 countries blaming it for spreading the pandemic and on the other hand,  at home its economy has been also hit badly and resentment has started among the people of China.

Other reasons of China for this frustration are that recently after the Covid19, Indian government has changed the rules and regulations of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which has directly affected the Chinese business interest as many Chinese companies have already invested Millions of US dollars in Indian companies and for any further such investments from any Chinese company would not be that easy as earlier.

India and its current leadership has been very well accepted and recognized as a global leadership after the pandemic and the recent bonding with USA is another reason for this frustration of China. On the world map maximum countries are with India and its current leadership which is making China very uncomfortable on the global affairs and its seeing India as another global challenge for it if the world community accepts India as a Permanent Member in the United Nation.

Under such pressures internal and external, diversion was the easiest way for China so its army started encroaching the Indian Land on the LAC of India and China borders in Ladakh and when India raised its voice against it China proposed for a mutual discussion and India agreed upon such talks. But unfortunately, at the sametime Chinese army started assaulting our men in Greens, more than 20 brave young and committed army personnel were killed two days back.

Now the big question is as to why Chinese Army did not attack our army personnel with bullets? Why did they not fire through tanks or helicopters which was easy for them? The reason which I feel is again the same as not to go for a war with India but to divert the attention of its own people from the Covid19 and the falling economy and the GDP. If China really wanted to strike a war on India it could have done so, as their army establishments, air wing and other defence preparedness has been intact close to the LAC.

India has developed the infrastructure on the LAC in the past few years for the proper approach for the army in Leh and Ladakh which is the core issue for China as it does not want that this infrastructure to ge well established because China knows that if this happens then more Indian Army would be deployed with all the required arms and ammunition to counter China at any point of time.

China and the others are well aware that India has come a long way since the debacle of 1962. India has a defence force to reckon with. In a nuclearized neighbourhood, deterrence works both ways and hence, China, Pakistan or even Nepal cannot bully India.

Our defence forces are always combat ready but considering the current situation they have been kept on the highest alert on all the international borders and I think that government is also very thoughtful to raise its voice on the international platform to bring China under pressure till it removes its forces from our land.

Jai Hind!

Author: Pawan Agrawal
Publisher & CEO
Defence & Security Alert

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