Coronavirus: Covid-19

Helping Leaders in this Time of Crisis

The world is currently experiencing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which may well linger long after the pandemic itself is resolved. Devastating death tolls are ripping apart families, and no one has been spared from the economic collapse brought on by this pandemic. Once we emerge from this crisis, the very fabric of our society may be irrevocably altered. As we put our faith in our leaders, we question if there is anything our leaders can actually do to alleviate this emergency; we also recognize that some leaders have responded better than others during this challenging time.

Leaders are simply a reflection of the Collective Consciousness of the people under them. In the words of psychologist Roger K. Allen, PhD:

“People live in one of four states of being, which could be considered levels of emotional development or maturity. These are: survival (fear-based living); security (duty-based living), success (ego based living) and serenity (love/trust-based living).”

If the Collective Consciousness of the people is fear-based, their leader will exhibit characteristics reflective of that state: using power, coercion, blame, and other negative tools to accomplish ends which may not be in the best interest of the people. If the Collective Consciousness of the people is rooted in love/trust-based living, their leader will have a more altruistic approach in dealing with crises, taking into consideration the needs of all the people and not just a select few.

The best way to gain a leadership that is grounded in love/trust-based living rather than fear-based living is to find a way to elevate the Collective Consciousness of the country. Transcendental Meditation is an effective way to do that.

There is a powerful brain-based technology known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT), which utilizes the non-religious Transcendental Meditation (TM) program and its advanced techniques. Militaries worldwide are beginning to use IDT as a ground-breaking and effective means to help solve supposedly insurmountable problems and create lasting peace. Scientific research has repeatedly demonstrated that this advanced IDT practice raises the consciousness of all those within its field. Positive solutions to ongoing problems occur naturally and society more readily shifts from division to unity.

How can this be? While it seems too simple to be true, sometimes the simplest approach is the most effective. For those who remain skeptical, we recommend the following book: An Antidote to Violence: Evaluating the Evidence, by Barry Spivack and Patricia Anne Saunders which details in depth.

the scientific research supporting this approach and COVID19 may be an opportunity for the entire world to re-evaluate its approach to societal issues and try something new. Our governments have no time to lose: as the Coronavirus impacts its citizens and its economy during this stressful time, we all need to come up with immediate and effective solutions to this virus and societal issues in general before it is too late.

Dr. Tony Nader

Dr. Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., is an Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) expert and medical doctor trained at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in neuroscience) and Harvard University.
He leads daily online TM meditations: This link also has videos featuring a variety of breathing techniques which will produce a calming influence

Author: Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler
Arlene J. Schar has served as Dr. Leffler’s Executive Assistant at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) since 2015. She has edited and co-authored many of Dr. Leffler’s articles.)
Dr. David Leffler served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director at CAMS

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