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Thursday June 04, 2020

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Defence and Security Magazine - Internal Security Special

Hologrammatic terrorism by Dr Vijay Khare

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Author: Dr Vijay Khare

Global terrorist organisations have been using high-tech concepts hitherto used by transnational corporations to propagate hidden messages in their commercial advertisements. The projection of sublimnal (beneath the consciousness) images to enhance the terror effect globally using mass media as the medium is a force-multiplier in the hands of these terror organisation.


Shield of the future? by Kshitij Aditeya Singh

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Author: Kshitij Aditeya Singh

To say that with nanotechnology we are entering a whole new world would be only half the truth. Carbon is the basic building block since creation of the universe. It is only now that nations have realised its larger potential in fashioning defensive shields against chemical, biological and radiation attacks and offensive weapons more lethal because of being lighter hence faster with greater kinetic force.


Harnessing Technology by Lt Gen Aditya Singh

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Author: Lt Gen (Retd) Aditya Singh

We are one of the most assaulted nations on the globe but we are the slowest to learn new ways of defending ourselves from foreign inspired insurgencies and internal unrests. More and more the threats are not confined to the periphery and more and more states have become victims of foreign-inspired assaults. This should per se encourage a coordinated approach to internal security.


Role of Science and Technology by Ajey Lele

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Author: Ajey Lele

Both, the Indian experience in the management of internal unrest as well as the implosive events in the Arab world, have thrown up a cardinal lesson that has universal application: That the method of application and the quantum of lethality has a psychological impact on the political outcome of conflict. Internal security issues can spiral out of hand if the lethality is perceived to be inhuman or out of proportion to the threat.


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