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Saturday June 06, 2020

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January 2019

Territorial Army: An Alternative Narrative

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Author: Dr Krzysztof Kuska

Of course, this model might not be appropriate for India. It is just one of the possible paths, and maybe more advanced plans like the US National Guard would be more suitable. Everything depends on the selected goals, available long-term funds and time in which India would like to achieve results if territorial structures would be the preferred way.

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Author: Lt Gen Aditya Singh (Retd)

The range is vast from strategic thinking, economic engagement, logistics, technical prowess, cyber experts, for bright young minds at minimal cost. It has potential for a ‘smart’ solution. The TA could also take in personnel from other ministries to increase understanding and provide for cost-effective solutions.

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Tehreek-e-Labbaik Rules The Roost

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Author: Lt Gen Dalip Bhardwaj (Retd)

The writing on the wall is clear that the TLP especially and other Islamic parties will call the shots in the final decision on any social issue which even remotely has a religious strain. If the government machinery does not steel its spine and be prepared to take hard decisions, it will be the rabid minority which lurks in the shadows of the government which will handle the affairs of Pakistan by remote control.

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Airfield Security and Territorial Army

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Author: Air Mshl Anil Chopra (Retd)

Since many TA personnel come for training with their battalion only for few days in a year, the constraints of training at operational locations multiply. Undoubtedly, the TA battalions are at a higher state of operational thinking than the DSC and in a better state to defend the airbases. Till they arrive, the IAF and DSC would have to man the security. Allocation and peace-time locations of the TA battalion need a major review. They need to be placed very close to their operational locations.

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Restructuring – Need for A holistic Approach

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Author: Lt Gen S N Handa (Retd)

A holistic review of entire national security establishment including the CPOs / paramilitary forces is urgently merited and not a stand-alone exercise by the army to generate a measly 6,000 to 7,000 crore, which will be grossly inadequate to meet any worthwhile capital procurement cost.

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