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Saturday June 06, 2020

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March 2018

Beijing Supporting Pak Proxy War

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Author: Dr. Shalini Chawla

US have been harsh and blunt with Pakistan in the last one year and have cut down on military assistance. But has this shown result in terms of Pakistan’s alteration of its strategic calculus? The answer is ‘No’. Pakistan continues to support Taliban and Haqqani network in Afghanistan and has continued its sub-conventional war in India. Clearly, suspension of US assistance does not deter Pakistan anymore.


Still In Search Of Direction

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Author: Amit Cowshish

Considering that it is virtually the last regular budget to be presented before the general elections, it would have been nice had the Finance Minister given some account of what has been achieved in the past four years, especially in regard to Make in India in defence or for setting up of cyber, space and the special forces commands, which are critical for beefing up India’s strategic capabilities to meet the challenges of an uncertain future.


Can It Be Sustained?

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Author: Dr. Rajiv Nayan

A strong section in the US is apprehensive of ‘South Korea falling’ to the design of the North Korean leader. This section maintains that North Korea continued its provocative behaviour and kept testing nuclear and ballistic missiles because sanctions imposed on it were rendered ineffective by China. By entrapping South Korea, the section fears that North Korea wants to further weaken the sanction regime.


The Leopard Will Not Change Its Spots

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Author: Arvind Gupta & Prateek Joshi

In India, many analysts are hoping that the increased US pressure on Pakistan will deter it from supporting anti- India terrorist groups. This is not happening. Pakistan continues to support terrorism in J&K. The ceasefire violations on the LoC have registered a sharp increase. These trends are likely to continue in the future.


India Moment At Hand

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Author: Lt Gen Kamal Davar (RETD)

As India deservingly strives for a seat on the global ‘high table’ and to become a ‘net security provider’ for the region, it will have to put its house in order and ensure clarity in its geo-strategic aspirations, a unity of purpose and harmonious growth within. Political parties will have to rise above their transient, petty interests. It is painful to observe that some in India are adept at unnecessarily stoking the fires of communalism and casteism which strike at the core of India’s internal cohesion, integrity and thus, progress.


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