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We all know what is happening across the country today in regard to the Covid19 once again spreading and innocent people dying due to it. We all know the reasons of this mass deaths and our entire medical and health infrastructure is going to collapse in the next few days due to following valid reasons:

  • Shortage of Oxygen across the country
  • Shortage of ICU facilities
  • Shortage of Beds in the Hospitals
  • Shortage of Doctors and the Medical Staff
  • Non-Cooperation between various states and the Central government
  • Non-Existence of a Clear Roadmap to control Covid19 spreading in Rural areas
  • Non-Monitoring of the current situation
  • No Medical Reserves at all in any state across the country

We have not learnt from the past experiences of 2020 as what all happened in Italy, US and other European countries and we let the Indian society move on with no strict instructions at all and that’s the main reason that once again in first quarter of 2021 we are seeing the entire system collapsing on every day basis.

It is the prime responsibility of each government to save the lives of people but it is so unfortunate that all the sitting governments are not serious at all in saving the lives. It looks an eyewash futile exercises being promoted and projected in the Media. Even the Judiciary has commented that why a National Emergency should not be imposed immediately.

• What we are waiting for. Numbers are increasing every hour but no serious efforts have been made to provide the required medical assistance to the patients.

• Why the Central Government has not yet decided to Import the Oxygen immediately?

• Why the governments not taking measure to control the Black marketing of Oxygen?

So far No proper mechanism has been developed for the Vaccination Drive in the country and that is the reason that there has been confusions on it. Some people are opting for it but a big number is not convinced. Some people have started getting infection even after they have opted for the vaccination. An immediate mechanism has to be developed and a clarity has to be in place to avoid all confusions.

So, it is the highest time for the Central Government to impose a National Emergency and depute the Defence Forces to take the charge of the entire Medical and Health Infrastructure at the earliest. Social distancing should be implemented strictly. If life is there all parties, get-together can wait for few months. This is to be kept in mind and it applies to all the Political and Religious leaders to stop all their activities to control the situation. It is really embarrassing that people are dying and some leaders are busy in organizing their get together. On what cost are they operating? Why the election commission has not suspended all the ongoing elections with immediate effect till further orders after assessing the situation. It is so funny that people are gathering

We actually don’t have any choice but to use a strong Baton to control the situation as people are still not taking the Lockdown or Curfew as seriously as it should be and an emergency is the only solution to control and save lives.

If you agree on Imposition of a National Emergency then please share these views among your folks and connections.

We all need to stay at Home but create a massive movement to save the lives.

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