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Thursday July 09, 2020

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CISF detected 90,000 US Dollars worth approximate INR 60,97,500 from 02 passengers at NSCBI Airport Kolkata.

| | | Share | Delhi, 10.04.2019: On 10.04.2019 at about 0017 hrs one passenger later identified as Manawar Hossain, Indian National PP No. Z4745309, scheduled to travel to Bangkok by Thai Airways Flight No. TG 314(STD 0200 HRS) approached at pre-embarkation security checks (PESC) at XBIS No-01 of International Security Hold Area of NSCBI Airport, Kolkata. During XBIS Screening Sub-Inspector H K Singh of CISF observed some suspicious image in the hand baggage of the said passenger. The bag was physically checked by Asstt. Sub Inspector Saroj Shakti Kumar and during checking 60,000 US Dollars (600 x 100) concealed inside the 06 Biryani packets wrapped in black polythene were detected and recovered. The black polythene was used to avoid detection.
Similarly, 30000 US Dollars (300 x 100) were recovered from another passenger namely Manawar Asif, Indian National, PP No. R0702521 scheduled to travel to Bangkok by the same flight i.e. Thai Airways Flight No. TG 314(STD 0200 HRS). He has also used the same modus operandi to conceal the currency i.e. inside 03 Biryani packets wrapped with black polythene.
Thus, total 90,000 US Dollars worth approx INR 60,97,500 were recovered from both the passengers. Both the passengers with seized US Dollars were handed over to AIU/Customs for further investigation.
This is the 3 rd incident within a span of one week that on the basis of manual and electronic surveillance and due to alertness, CISF personnel detected huge volume of foreign currency (9,03,300 US Dollars worth approximately INR 6.12 Crores) from the passengers bound to travel to Bangladesh and other South East Asian countries from NSCBI Airport, Kolkata. In all the cases, the accused have used various modus- operandi for concealing the currency to avoid detection.
The details of previous two cases of detection of US Dollars at the NSCBI Airport are as under :-
(i) On 06.04.2019, 70,000 US Dollars were detected from the baggage of a passenger Mr. Alom Sah, (Bangladesh National) PP No. BP0189932 scheduled to travel by flight No. BS204to Dhaka. The currency was concealed in the false bottom of the bag.
(ii) On 09.04.2019, 7,43,300 US Dollars were detected by CISF in the hand baggage/ Check in baggage of the following 07 passengers including one lady passenger( all Bangladesh National) who were supposed to travel to Dhaka by flight No BS204 STD 1250 hrs:
(a) Mr. Selim Bepari, PP No. BW0055990 : 55,000 USD
(b) MD. Sohag, PP No.BT0506336: 36900 USD
(c) Mr. Abadul Sardar, PP No.BY0162566 : 55,200 USD
(d) Mr. Mohammed Shohel Mahmud Shagor, PP No. BW0693559: 2,09,200 USD
(e) Ms. Mony Kamrunnaher PP No. BT-0127030 : 70,000 USD
(f) Mr. Sumon Shibli Mahmud, PP No. BR0414942: 1,90,000USD
(g) Mr. Saiduzzaman Tuhin, , PP No. BC-0759859 : 1,27,000 USD
They all had concealed the currency in the artificially created false bottom of the baggage wrapped with black carbon papers to avoid detection.


(Hemendra Singh)

Asstt. Inspector General

Public Relations Officer, CISF


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