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Thursday June 04, 2020

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November 2019

Shift From Geo-culture To Geo-strategy

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Author: Prof Satish Kumar

This is an opportune bargaining moment for India to establish its One India Policy in China. Once it is acknowledged, it will have wide range ramifications for India’s strategic values in South Asia. Declaring Ladakh as a Union Territory is the first step, many more steps are required. It needs proper understanding of world politics and support system to carry forward this agenda which combines Tibet and Ladakh from geo-culture to geo-strategy.

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Towards Real Regional Cooperation

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India is now being viewed as a distinct regional power, an emerging economy with immense potential and a stable democracy, quite in contrast from its western neighbour, which is marred by internal strife, a collapsing economy and terror groups of all hues. To complete this de-hyphenation, it is necessary that any regional forum, wherein India and Pakistan are equals must be exited. Forums like SAARC only end up providing respectability to Pakistan, and offer a resemblance of parity.

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China Dynamic Vs India-Japan Presence In Sri Lanka

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Author: Rahul Mishra

It showcases the dawn of a new era in India-Japan relationship. India and Japan are collaborating in a third country which is based on their own “win-win cooperation” model. In the process, they are also addressing their common concerns i.e. the growing footprint of China in the neighbourhood and beyond. In essence, Indo-Japan partnership in Sri Lanka is a mix of presenting a counterweight to China, aspiration to provide a mutually beneficial alternative to smaller countries and reinforce ties with the neighbours, and their collective objective of keeping the rules-based order in Asia intact.

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Vietnam At Epicentre

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Author: Maj Gen Ashok Hukku YSM (Retd)

The US will have to enhance its security architecture in the Indo-Pacific so that regional balance of power is maintained in its favour. Policies of America’s allies and partner countries will have to be synergised to tackle the Chinese threat. While allies will more easily conform, convincing partner countries will obviously pose a big challenge.

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Revival Bleak

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Author: Amb Ashok Sajjanhar

Under the highly tense and stressed relations between India and Pakistan, it appears highly unlikely that bilateral relations will improve any time in the near future. Possibility of holding the 19th SAARC Summit by Pakistan in the coming months appears very bleak, if not non-existent. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated to such an extent that the foreign minister of Pakistan was not present when the Indian foreign minister addressed the informal meeting of SAARC foreign ministers on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly Session on 27 September 2019, and vice versa.

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