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Thursday June 04, 2020

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October 2018

Trump’s vision for India

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Author: Amb (Dr) Kanwal Sibal

India’s rising economic profile that would provide expanded market opportunities for US’ corporations, US’ need for partnerships in Asia to balance China’s emergence as a power, India’s needs for civilian and defence technologies and equipment to grow economically and to ensure its security are some of the obvious reasons for the two countries to reconfigure their ties.

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NRC: Relevance in Nation’s Security

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Author: Prakash Singh

In the wake of partition of the sub-continent in 1947, large number of Hindus crossed over from East Pakistan to the states of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura in India. In due course, when the Pak Army started persecuting the Bengalis, a large number of Muslims also crossed the borders into India. After the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, it was expected that the new regime would ensure communal harmony and tackle the social and economic problems of its teeming millions in a manner which would eliminate or at least reduce the factors contributing to migration. However, that did not happen.

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Tech-Savvy – National Security

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Author: PM Heblikar

Intelligence agencies and security forces have to move rapidly towards inducting technology into their activities. Technology is an immense forcemultiplier and if harnessed properly will provide the cutting edge in securing the nation against threats and challenges.

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Space: Sovereign Fighting Arm

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Author: Dr Ajey Lele

Presently, it appears that more than quality of any project, at times the Congress works on pro- and anti-Trump positions. So far, some conflicting reports have emerged in respect of acceptability of Space Force idea by the Congress. Only, time would tell, if the Congress would support this idea or not. All in all, the idea of establishment of a special arm for conduct of activities in space clearly demonstrates where the future of warfare lies.

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Author: Mukund Puranik

India’s approach is very much right to go ahead with Rafael under present circumstances. In other words, it is preferable to get readymade house because of known price and immediate use than a house under construction with possibilities of time and cost overruns especially while competing with others.

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