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Post Covid World-Time to expand UNSC

Author: Mohinder Pal Singh (Col Mohinder Pal Singh,PhD  is  a  defence  Analyst  working for EGROW Foundation. Views expressed  are  personal) The world  is  passing  through  a  testing  time. As on today over nine lakhs people  are  affected with  over  40,000 deaths. The number seems to  be  going  out  of  control and  no  solution seems plausible in[Read More…]

A Heavy Stroke…

Is the present scene the outcome of a master-stroke deliberately unleashed by one or more nations or a mis-stroke that got the calculations wrong, or a simple act of nature trying to teach us some grave lessons? Difficult to say… Anyway, the whole wide world has been struck hard and heavily. The ‘fear’ of[Read More…]

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