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Indian Army: 1962-2020 Years Of Preparation

Indians who were born after 1962 have been listening to personal anecdotes of the Chinese invasion in that year from their parents and grandparents. This was the first conventional war fought by the Indian Army—the Pakistani invasion of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 is best described as a tribalised irregular[Read More…]

A Convergence Of Strategies

A Biden Presidency must be able to learn from Obama’s Rebalancing Asia and Trump’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific and understand that the US cannot engage with China alone. His vision of renewing the alliance of like-minded democracies should also accommodate the current multipolar world. Attaining sustained peace and solidarity means[Read More…]


Over the ages there have been wars and there have been negotiated settlements that have created a modicum of peace and stability. Almost from the first day of its existence as an independent nation freed from the yoke of British colonialism in 1947, when the world was still recovering from[Read More…]

Vocal For (Quality) Local

A sustained commitment for building an ecosystem that fosters innovation and flexibility in the entire loop of planning of acquisitions, R&D, production, quality assurance, life-cycle feedback and rectification to develop quality products is essential to achieve the objective of self-reliant India.

Where Is The Money!

This analysis underscores the primary challenge posed by the recent policy initiatives. Disjointed and unsynchronised initiatives taken, in fits and starts, struggle to deliver the intended outcomes. This primary challenge is exacerbated by the enduring procedural incongruities and some inexplicable policy changes made in DAP-2020, which is bubbling with many[Read More…]

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