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Over the ages there have been wars and there have been negotiated settlements that have created a modicum of peace and stability. Almost from the first day of its existence as an independent nation freed from the yoke of British colonialism in 1947, when the world was still recovering from[Read More…]

Vocal For (Quality) Local

A sustained commitment for building an ecosystem that fosters innovation and flexibility in the entire loop of planning of acquisitions, R&D, production, quality assurance, life-cycle feedback and rectification to develop quality products is essential to achieve the objective of self-reliant India.

Where Is The Money!

This analysis underscores the primary challenge posed by the recent policy initiatives. Disjointed and unsynchronised initiatives taken, in fits and starts, struggle to deliver the intended outcomes. This primary challenge is exacerbated by the enduring procedural incongruities and some inexplicable policy changes made in DAP-2020, which is bubbling with many[Read More…]

Indigenisation Is The Way

The aerospace industry is a high technology and high-risk industry, whichtranslates into high costs. We need to concentrate on high-end technologies,which can further uplift peripheral technologies. The Indian aerospace anddefence industry requires rapid development of domain knowledge, which can come through active industry-government-academia partnership with leading technology institutes across the[Read More…]

Celebration Is Tough Under Pandemic

It was a sombre moment immediately after the Mumbai blasts in November 2008 when the idea of creating the Defence and Security Alert (DSA) magazine occurred. And it took almost a year to shape your most accepted magazine, DSA and the first edition was released in October 2009. It was[Read More…]

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