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Thursday June 04, 2020

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Defence and Security Magazine - Pakistan Special

Pakistan's undoing media the monster or ill advised conceit by Brig Chitranjan Sawant

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Author: Brig (Retd) Chitranjan Sawant

Nothing emphasises the dismal state of Pakistani society than the reactions of influential sections to the murders of Punjab province governor Salmaan Taseer and  minister for minorities affairs Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti. You had lawyers showering rose petals on the killer and there was Sherry Rehman of the Pakistan People’s Party shamefacedly withdrawing her amendment to the blasphemy law that would have removed the causes that led to the assassination of Taseer.


PAK-US Relations by Prof P M Kamath

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Author: Prof P M Kamath

Today, more than ever, Pakistan’s geographical position is bringing in geopolitical dividends far beyond what it received in the Cold War years. The amazing aspect is not that the billions of dollars shovelled by the US into Pakistani coffers have grown exponentially but that it is happening in the teeth of unparalled Islamic fundamentalism baring its fangs both inside Pakistan and in neighbouring Afghanistan. The US-sponsored Global War On Terror appears to be in reverse gear, adding to the general perception that the US is a nation in decline.


Pak-China-N.Korea nexus by Dr Rajiv Nayan

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Author: Dr Rajiv Nayan

Very much in the manner in which the US has helped create and sustain a jihadi terrorist network centred in Pakistan and is suffering the consequences by such acts as the 9/11 attack on its economic and military hubs another, more dangerous, phenomenon is in the making. The willful and mindboggling denial of China’s role in global proliferation of nuclear weapons and the means of delivery of nuclear warheads in Asia and the Pacific has already burgeoned into North Korea’s overt threats to use nuclear weapons if the US asserted its authority in its adjoining seas.


The end of Jinnah's dream by Dr Prem Shankar Jha

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Author: Dr Prem Shankar Jha

The Pakistan nation is in a state of stasis, petrified by the Islamic fundamentalist Frankenstein it has handfed and burnished since Zia-ul Haq inducted a Saudi Arabian midwife to raise a new Caliphate. To expect the Pakistan army to rectify itself is like asking the Devil to read the scriptures. It has, in fact, shown all the signs of being the eunuch-bodyguard of the seraglio consisting of the Al Qaeda, the Taliban and its several splinter groups and the United Jihad Council – onetime “frontline fighters” against the Soviet army in Afghanistan. The US will do itself and the world a favour if it, even at this late stage of the Af-Pak farce, shuts off all military aid to the Pakistan army.


Pakistan 2020: possible scenarios by Brig Rahul K Bhonsle

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Author: Brig (Retd) Rahul K Bhonsle

There has long been a perception in some quarters in India as well as among Pakistan’s friends that if India panders to Pakistan’s demands, especially concessions in Kashmir, there will be peace and tranquillity between the two countries. That this perception militates against the experience of Europe and its accommodation of Hitler’s lebensraum concept has been lost on the protagonists of this pernicious idea. Peace and tranquillity depends on a radical change of heart in the Pakistani military establishment, which, as long as it has jihadist elements holding the levers of power - the so-called “moderate” in the military as Musharraf portrayed himself is an oxymoron (Kargil happened because of him) - Indians should not allow themselves to be deluded by such “strategic thinkers”.


Islamic nukes: global implications by G Parthasarathy

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Author: G Parthasarathy

Kargil has shown that there is space beneath the “nuclear overhang” for a limited war. But that episode also underscored that such a limited war places unacceptable restrictions on manoeuvre as a means to bring about a swift and successful culmination of a military campaign. This leaves India at a disadvantage in the face of both Pakistan and China’s attempts at “salami slicing” and “nibbling” of territory all along the Himalayas. It is also necessary to be abundantly clear that there have been freelance contacts between Pakistan’s nuclear scientists and military personnel with the masterminds of terrorism to coordinate and strategise their respective roles and, like Kargil illustrated, there is no sanctity of any written agreement and one will have to “play it by ear” if and when the crunch comes.


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