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Post Corona World Order and Indian Perspective

The world after Corona (Covid-19) will not be the same. Its shape and configuration are bound to change fundamentally. World economy and its agencies are also going to be altered. The fundamental rubric of nation-states through which world politics move, will also have to readjust with new realities and symmetries. The end of communism brought liberal theory with big promises of democracy, free trade, human rights and international rule- based order and cooperation. All these theories are going for a spin. The way the major powers have followed their solo fight against the Covid-19 has shown the script of liberal theory for grand interdependence. There are certain geo- political realities written on the wall, which will emerge as a new charter for the world.

  • First, the decline of America as a number one country of the world. Surprisingly none of the countries are looking for American help. America which played down the Corona as a Chinese virus is badly affected, perhaps the worst affected countries in the world.  President Trump’s statement of two lakhs deaths in America would be a good job done, is the final call for its supremacy in world politics.
  • The second severe impact would be China’s One Belt Road is going to be severely affected. The flagship project started in 2013 with aim of creating Chinese Centric Economic World Order is going to be halted.
  • Third, the international institutions have lost its sheen and credibility. Their fundamental aims and objectives to create an atmosphere for collective interests have failed to do so.
  • Fourth, the process of globalisation which became the defining rule for almost more than 200 countries, is going to slow down. The national boundaries, single sovereignty and self-interest of each country are going to be the new norms of world politics. This article will try to analyse these foreseeable changes.

Digital world will get a new boost in post corona world order. Tourism and hospitality are the booming sector under globalisation which has provided almost 10 percent of the workforce, and is bound to slow down. People will travel less. It will synchronise the ever-expanding world under globalisation. The globalisation which flourished under the ideas of nation states did not evolve the sharing commitment of pain and togetherness which ancient Indian wisdom talks about ‘Vasudha kutumbkam’. Indian perspective of one world is not driven by Adam Smith’s theory of free trade and individual gain. The American President has earmarked that the vaccine which German company is developing, is only for Americans. This is foolhardy’ views.  Having known this virus for its contagious nature, it will be pure negligence on the part of American Presidency if they ignore the fact that CoVID-19 could be recirculated through any Asian or African countries in future as well. Therefore, it needs concerted  joint action and partnership which India has been advocating. The third major take way is also well rooted in Indian philosophy. Once Gandhi was asked, “Will you follow the British way of economic policy after independence, he said categorically, “If two third of earth did not satisfy the appetite of Britain, India is 6 times bigger than Britain, we need six more planets like earth to fulfil the desires. The message is very crystal. Enough is there for need but not for greed. The western and Chinese world order is based on greed. Now the world is forced to think about Indian way of world order.

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