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Thursday July 16, 2020

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Publisher and CEO Blog - Pawan Agrawal Blog

US-Iran Conflict: Impact on Indian Economy and Defence Budget

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Once again the world is witness to the irresponsible and adventurist policies of the United States in already troubled Middle East. Having failed to execute a regime change in Syria, President Donald Trump has turned his full attention to toppling the Shia regime in Iran. He began by abrogating the nuclear deal and imposing sanctions on Tehran. He set the Gulf Cooperation Council against Qatar and stoked the violent conflict in Yemen. The continuing conflict in Libya after the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi underscores that there is a certain method in the madness that is on display.

To keep the cauldron on the boil, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of one of the most beloved of Iranians Qassem Suleimani of the Iranian Republican Guards on the unconformable plea that he was planning to attack American installations; that it was a “pre-emptive strike”. The shooting down of a Ukranian passenger aircraft by mistake is a measure of the hair-trigger nature of the tensions in the region as a whole.

Willy-nilly, India too is being sucked into the conflct. American sanctions on Iran have affected oil and gas supplies from Iran to India and have threatened to disrupt the Chabahar Port and ancilliary infrastructure project that was planned to be the economic gateway to landlocked Afghanistan and the former Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union. India has been maintaining a very cordial relationship with Iran for the past few decades and in the recent times, our Prime Minister Modi has balanced very well with Iran. Iran has been the major supplier of crude oil to India in the past few decades. The Chhbahar Port has been a unique project for India, Iran and Afghanistan programme. This one project shows the solidarity between India and Iran but it is so unfortunate that due to the conflict between US and Iran, it is directly affecting the interest of India. More foreign exchange will be spent for the import of the oil from other sources and thus, it is going to affect the procurement process for the defence forces. Most of the defence procurements are being imported from various countries. Hence this will hamper the process of modernisation of our defence and security forces in the long term. The conflict between these two nations has become a challenge to India in a way where we are trying to balance our relationships with US as well as Iran at the same time and we do not want to spoil our relations with anyone.

This particular edition is focused on the conflict between US and Iran and how it is going to affect India. Our esteemed experts have given clarity on these subjects. I am sure that you will become aware of many complications of the conflict between the US and Iran.

Jai Hind


Honour Our Warriors-They Keep The Nation Safe

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Security and defence of any country is the most important responsibility of any government and the people of the land. It is the safety and security provided by the armed forces that raises the morale of the nation as a whole and earns it an exalted position among the comity of nations. Whatever may be the financial or social status of any individual, everyone needs security and the armed force personnel pay a high price to provide this safety and security to the people.


Manpower and Technology to Propel India’s Maritime Outreach

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Today the entire globe is governed by man and machine. Their combination has created wealth and empires through the ability to project military power beyond one’s periphery. Since the discovery of the internal combustion engine, man has created technologies that have brought radical changes in lifestyles and existence through the digital revolution to the current age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Ironically, we are at a point where machines are replacing man!


Multilateral Cooperation:Key To Peace and Progress

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From Brexit to vicious trade wars, geopolitics has acquired an enervating flux worldwide. Even as Europe which coalesced around the idea of a European Union since the 1950s and became the epitome of multilateral cooperation and an example to be emulated for the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi- Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP) and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), there are signs of a deliberate attempt to break any momentum towards multilateral cooperation.


Fly High

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"Fly Fly Fly High And Higher: Not just like birds but like IAF” This is what every kid, teenager and the young mind in India thinks and wants to imitate after the Balakot air strike conducted by the Indian Air Force a few months back. I personally feel that after the Kargil War, it is the first time that so much has been in the media on the air strike that everyone salutes our IAF and its officers who conducted this under the guidance and vision of the senior policy and decisionmakers in the Indian government. This is probably for the first time that every common man including the young minds talks about this air strike which has added spice and has pepped up the debate on defence and security related issues.

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