September 2021


One does not know as to how the future unfolds in Afghanistan. But it is reckoned that the USA has come out of a long dark tunnel. The ‘rats’ are out and it must go fishing for an all-out kill. If you leave an ‘injured snake’, it does take its revenge later. It never forgets its enemy. So is Taliban. It must not be a half-hearted effort.

People of South Vietnam, now integrated with Vietnam, had realised the significance of their own proverb in 1975, when USA had deserted them suddenly. It is the turn of Afghanistan now, after 40 years, to know that in real politik, there are no real friends but only allies, with personal motives. These two incidents, 40 years apart, however has affected the credibility of the USA. No justification or explanation, however genuine and true, can restore US credibility. This is a lesson for others: Do not put all your eggs in US’ Basket.

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