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BEL to showcase its capabilities at Defexpo 2022

Bengaluru, October 12, 2022: At Defexpo 2022 to be held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, from October 18-22, 2022, BEL will showcase state-of-the-art products and systems spanning every domain of its business.

The products and systems to be on display during Defexpo 2022 have been clustered as ‘Air Defence & Surveillance’, ‘C4I Systems’, ‘Artificial Intelligence-based Products’, ‘Non-Defence; Diversification Products’, ‘Radar Systems’, ‘Communication Systems’, ‘Airborne Products; Systems’, ‘Homeland Security and Cyber Security’, ‘Futuristic Technologies’, ‘MissileSystems’, ‘EO & Laser-based Products’, ‘Outdoor Display Products’ and Indian pavilion. Inaddition, BEL will also showcase its R&D capabilities by launching/demonstrating some of itsnew products / technologies.

BEL’s display in the area of ’Air Defence & Surveillance” will include Hexacopter, Tethered UAV, Robotic Surveillance and D4 Anti-drone Systems. The display in the area of ’C4I Systems will include C4I technologies, Combat Management Systems and Navigational Consoles. Also on show will be the complete range of products and systems for ‘Non-Defence & Diversification’.

BEL will showcase its ‘Radar Systems’ including Battle Field Short Range Active Electronically Scanned Array (BFSR-AESA) Radar, Air Defence Fire Control Radar, Mountain Fire Control Radar, Weapon Locating Radar, etc. BEL’s display in the area of ‘Communication Systems’ will include High Capacity Radio Relay, Manpack High Frequency Software Defined Radio (SDR), Point to Multi Point Radio, SDR Hand Held Naval version, and a whole lot of other products.

Other ‘Futuristic Technologies’ on display include Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System, Position Indicator – G3I, Hand-Held Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, Extended C-Band Block Up-Converter, Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (15 types within one enclosure), etc. The highlight of BEL’s outdoor display will be Hexacopter,

Tethered UAV, Swarm of UAVs, Robotic Surveillance Platform, HLS CIBMS, BFSR AESA, FMCW based DDR, Hydrogen Based scooter and Ultra Light Weight Enclosure with Platform.

The entire set of state-of-art equipment on offer will be a force multiplier for any Defence force and civilian requirements.

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